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  1. jean

    First message
    Dear Mr. Torelli,

    I read with great interest your article about the pollination of C. calceolus. One thing is not clear: did you transfer pollen from the same flower to its own stigma or did you use pollen from another plant? In literature it is said C. calceolus is self-incompatible. Thanks for your reaction.

    With kindest regards.

    Answer by Admin

    I am not Mr Torelli, I could not contact him,
    but I work on C.Calceolus with him.
    We used to make the pollination with both methods.
    It seems that both methods work.
    jean C.

    Second message
    Dear Patrizio,

    thanks for answering my mail. Could you tell me how many C. calceolus were pollinated with their own pollen and how many with pollen from another (neighbouring ?) plant? Was the neighbour pollen from a plant that grew next to the pollen receiver? (in that case it could be a shoot of the same plant) or was it from a plant further away (in that case real allogamy)?
    Were your results published in any magazine? They are quite interesting, but I could not find them anywhere in literature. If you are interested, please take a look at my website , where you will find information on a book that will appear next year.

    With kindest regards,

    jean C.

    14 anni ago

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